Molecular-Hydrogen – Sports

Keegan Smith aka Coach Keegan power and strength coach for the Sydney roosters talks to Professor Tyler Le Baron one of the world’s leading scientists researching molecular hydrogen. It was a fairly long discussion of 45 minutes full of excellent information broken down into bite size chunks below for your convenience.

Molecular Hydrogen Pt1

Molecular Hydrogen - Sports Revolution

Introducing Tyler LeBaron

Coach Keegan introduces Prof. Tyler Le Baron, who is one of the worlds leading scientist researching Molecular Hydrogen and also a keen Triathlete

Molecular Hydrogen Pt2

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Research History

Over 350 – 400 scientific articles showing beneficial effects of molecular hydrogen
80 different disease models studied where molecular hydrogen has shown to have marked therapeutic effects

Molecular Hydrogen Pt3

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Why does it work so well

Hydrogen gas has been shown to be an anti-oxidant – but the really neat thing is when hydrogen gas scavenges these free radicals the only by-product produced is water.

Molecular Hydrogen Pt4

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Where does it come from

Hydrogen comes from many sources, we even generate our own hydrogen in our GI track where bacteria produces up to 10 to 15 litres of hydrogen per day.

Molecular Hydrogen Pt5

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Why is it such a big deal.

It is so simple, so easy, so easily acceptable and has so many benefits
it is not an over statement to say that the impact hydrogen’s on the therapeutic and preventive medicine will be enormous in the future

Molecular Hydrogen Pt6

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Train Harder and Longer

CoachKeegan talks about his remarkable experience with molecular hydrogen. Training harder and longer with heavier weights and more consistently than at any-time in his life. Feeling great when he should feel tired