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From Bill Sickert, Triathlete and Director of Corporate Communications for SevenPoint2

Recovery with HydroFx

Recovery with Hydrofx is very special because the proprietary (patent pending) blend of minerals generates Molecular Hydrogen when mixed with water or better still stomach acid. Molecular Hydrogen is taking us in a very exciting direction and is surprising everyone with how effectively it works. Now it’s possible to improve your personal best and reach your true potential in a totally natural way.

There is a huge amount of research happening on the subject of Molecular Hydrogen, if you are interested in delving deeper into the science of it all, check out this great website The Molecular Hydrogen Institute

Recovery has changed the game and made it possible to push the barrier to new limits, by increasing cellular hydration, reducing inflammation and most importantly reducing lactic acid by up to 18%.

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The Perfect Duo For Athleticism

7.2 Alkaline Booster & 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX®

Recovery with HydropFX®. is rapidly becoming known for its capacity to improve athletic performance.
In this month’s SevenPoint2® Newsletter the Q&A section included a guide to using SevenPoint2’s dynamic duo, Recovery with HydroFX® and Alkaline Booster as part of a daily routine for someone who is serious about their sport, fitness and last but least health”.

Recovery with HydroFX

Recovery with HydroFX®

There are two applications for athletes:
Training is defined as all workouts whether you compete or not.Your training supplementation can be as many as six tablets pre-training and your usual recovery drink which should include one scoop of 7.2 Greens and two scoops of 7.2 Shake once you have completed the workout.
Competition is defined as a major event such as a triathlon, water polo, soccer, 5k Run, etc. For competition, consider two factors for supplementation with Recovery with Hydro FX®. The first is intensity and the second, duration. A 5k race is very intense yet on average 20-25 minutes long. Soccer players may have sequential bursts of energy for over an hour and a half. Nine tablets an hour prior to competition is recommended, and if the competition is longer than an hour the recovery powder can easily be added to your hydration regimen or an additional tablet or two if convenient.

Seven Point 2 - Alkaline Booster

7.2 Alkaline Booster

Athletes are more prone to mineral depletion more than any other group of individuals.

  • The mineral salts in Alkaline Boosters are ideal for daily replenishment
  • Four at night as typically recommended, for a good night sleep.
  • A single capsule can mineralize any water or sports drink as well as support your electrolyte balance as you proceed with your workouts.
  • Workouts or performance that exceeds one hour often require nutritional supplementation including hydration, electrolytes and carbohydrates.


The evidence of performance increase is well documented in traditional markers that were clinically tested for Lactic Acid reduction.

The Alkaline Diet has a long been associated with performance in endurance sport. The original IRONMAN Triathlon battles between Dave Scott and Mark Allen are legendary. Dave Scott introduced more “clean” dietary protocols as opposed to the calorie dumpster that most endurance athletes practiced simply because they burned so many calories that they rarely “watched” what they ate. Dave Scott was a pioneer and his performance is more than a footnote in the archives of sport legends