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Lock the Gate LogoThe Lock The Gate Alliance is a national alliance of over 90 community, industry and environmental groups, over 180 individual members and over 850 supporters concerned with the devastating impact that certain inadequately assessed and inadequately-regulated fossil fuel extraction industries are having on our short and long term physical, social, environmental and economic wellbeing. We are particularly concerned with the damage caused by the coal and coal seam gas (CSG) mining industries.


Manning Clean Water Action Group

manning clean water action group Logo
A local community group of concerned residents from the Manning Valley joined together to raise community awareness about the dangers of Hydraulic Coal Seam Fracturing.


The Camden Haven Anti Fracking Group


Barrington-Gloucester-Stroud Preservation Alliance

Fighting to preserve our beautiful district – lush farmland, a popular tourist destination, and a world heritage wilderness – from the ravages of mining for gas, coal, gold and other minerals.


Hunter-Bulga Gas Action Group

The communities of Broke Bulga Fordwich & Milbrodale have come together to form the HBGAG Association. The members represent the overwhelming majority of the local community supporting the preservation of the area.
On March 9, 2011 in Singleton- More then four hundred Hunter citizens came to the Coal and Gas Strategy meeting organised by NSW Dept. of Planning.

We hope that the Minister and all the government officials took home this simple message: “There is no support for uncontrolled gas and coal mining in the Hunter!”.

2 Responses to Action Groups

  1. Peter Worgan says:

    Midday Sunday 16th October Broke
    National Day of Action Against Coal Seam Gas
    Outside Pooles Rock Vineyard – 229 Wollombi Rd Broke (not the Pokolbin Cellar door)

    AGL have also acquired the 1000acre property below Yellow Rock that also goes across the road down to Wollombi Brook – very close and upstream to town. A vast open area that could have compressor stations 24/7, lots of trucks (each CSG well has 5-100 cubic metres of saline waste to tanker out daily). Also I note the Compressor station not only provides pressure to the pipeline but also separates hydrocarbons from the gas. These hydrocarbons go into the atmosphere, and we all know how beautiful the misty mornings are here in the valley as temperature inversion causes all the mist and cloud to settle at ground level so expect high concentrations of bad smelling carcinogenic fumes to settle over the town and surrounding valley areas on a regular basis. Doesn’t matter if you are a coal miner, a farmer, a retiree, a vigneron, or a child – it will affect you and your family. AGL are talking 100-130 CSG wells in Broke/Bulga region and that is Stage 1. How many stages will there be over the next 10-20 years? One wonders what this may do to the quality and availability of the Wollombi brook and bore water . So many bad reasons for this industry to operate near communities.
    Please make time for just an hour on Sunday 16th October.

  2. Tara:- Mothers weep as their children bleed – How long will this be permitted to continue?

    How long will the people’s lives continue to be violated by psychopaths and sociopaths?

    If Get-Up was successful in obtaining a High Court Injunction in two days re boat people,
    Why has Coal Seam Gas not followed suit? There are so many Human Laws being violated.

    Perhaps Animal and Wildlife Protection or Environment Protection could be successful as they appear to carry greater priority over Human Life, under Agenda 21.

    First Round Win! See Judge Biscoe’s Ruling IN NSW Land and Environment Court [see link at ]

    Where are our Lawyers, Barristers and Retired Judges? Why the Silence? Have they been threatened or controlled?

    It’s time, not only for an Injunction to halt all Coal Seam Drilling but further Action for compensation to the families whose health, life and land have been criminally violated?

    Crime Act:
    Crime Against Humanity
    To Poison the People of Australia is a Criminal Offence.

    Under Sec 4 (1) of the Crimes Act. ( A Domestic Crime of Violence)
    A personal violence offence is defined is s4 (1) of the Crimes Act 1900. It includes an offence or attempted offence of the following nature:
    • s35 Malicious wounding or infliction of grievous bodily harm,
    • s39 Using poison so as to endanger life,
    • s41 Administering poison etc. with intent to injure or annoy.

    Queensland Criminal Code Act 1899
    Reprinted as in force on 6 December 2011

    Administering poison with intent to harm
    s 322 amd 1988 No. 88 s 5 sch 2
    sub 2008 No. 55 s 54
    322 Administering poison with intent to harm
    A person who unlawfully, and with intent to injure or annoy
    another person, causes a poison or another noxious thing to be
    administered to, or taken by, any person commits a crime.
    Maximum penalty—
    (a) if the poison or other noxious thing endangers the life
    of, or does grievous bodily harm to, the person to whom
    it is administered or by whom it is taken—14 years
    imprisonment; or
    (b) otherwise—7 years imprisonment.
    328 Negligent acts causing harm
    (1) Any person who unlawfully does any act, or omits to do any
    act which it is the person’s duty to do, by which act or
    omission bodily harm is actually caused to any person, is
    guilty of a misdemeanour, and is liable to imprisonment for 2
    (2) The offender may be arrested without warrant.

    Kind regards

    Anthony Halpin
    Director Welcome Australia
    Humanitarian Org.

    Please forward your email address and will forward a list of the actual chemicals used in Fracking.

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