Lock the Gate – fracking protest song

Anti-CSG/Fracking protest song by Laura-Doe & The Chaps.

Check out their website: www.wholelottafrackingoingon.com

From the album Whole Lotta Frackin’ Going On – a compilation of radio-friendly songs buy different artists that present vital information about the dangers of ‘fracking’ and coal seam gas (CSG) mining to our environment, food, water and society.

Fourteen songs in a wide range of genres, plus interview excerpts with CSG activist Dayne Pratzky give a variety of viewpoints and firsthand experience of fracking’s devastating impact.

Heartfelt lyrics set to cool grooves revealing the latest information about fracking and the toxic cocktail injected into our precious earth. This CD is a call to non-violent social action as advocated by the Lock The Gate Alliance, a national umbrella for Australian environmental organisations working to stop this destructive process.

Proceeds from CD sales support these groups. If you are such a group then please contact us to receive CDs at cost to sell to raise funds.

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