Taree council will wait-and-see

Manning landholders frustrated at Taree council’s wait-and-see attitude to coal seam mining

THE Manning community has no time to waste in addressing the threat from coal seam gas drilling, according to a concerned group of residents and ratepayers frustrated that the city council has so far taken no direct action.

Manning Alliance Inc is bewildered and upset by Greater Taree City Council’s wait-and-see attitude, and says the council needs to be working with all stakeholders to prepare and implement a multi-tiered strategy before changes become too hard to implement.

It fears there will be a “potentially huge public backlash” when the community discovers council had an opportunity and chose not to lodge a submission to the NSW Legislative Assembly’s current Committee of Inquiry into coal seam gas, which has called for submissions closing next Wednesday.

In the event that council does not act, the alliance is in the meantime calling on Manning residents to act quickly and individually in making their own submissions.

With the deadline nearing, the alliance is making it easier for Manning residents to respond quickly, by offering a pro forma submission which can be lodged by individuals or groups, or re-worded as they see fit.

The submission can be obtained by contacting alliance member Lloyd Parslow on 6553 4951.

The alliance is extremely concerned that the city council will not be lodging a submission on behalf of the local community, even though it acknowledges that mayor Paul Hogan is personally opposed to coal seam gas (CSG) drilling in the Manning Valley, and that his fellow councillors are personally well aware of the strong local feelings against CSG.

“The environmental threats from CSG are of such critical significance to our community that CSG must be seriously and responsibly addressed as a major priority and as a matter of urgency in all sectors of our community”, chairman of Manning Alliance Inc Peter Epov said this week.

In a letter to mayor Hogan and councillors he stressed: “Greater Taree City Council needs to clearly and categorically play the lead role. The community expects nothing else.”

via Manning River Times.

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2 Responses to Taree council will wait-and-see

  1. Nigel Brown says:

    Coal mining is damaging enough to the enviroment, yet a necessary industry for Australia’s growth. Coal seam gas fracking is plain irresponsible so close to the Manning River, our drinking water. I wonder how AGl’s shareholders will react when they have to pay for the multi billion dollar clean up of our water ways which is imminent. The Australian people have an ever growing distrust in our Government system and its corruption. The people I speak to have really lost faith in the entire system.

  2. norm colman says:

    I am concerned about fracking in the Manning. How close are the frackers.
    If you could send me some info it would be appreciated. Where in the Manning Valley do you think will first to be targeted.
    Keep up the good work

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