Introduction- Fracking CSG

Coal Seam Gas Mining is controversial, it is being spruiked as a cleaner source of fuel, but there is a growing lack of trust within the community and genuine anxiety about the future. People, who live in areas attractive to the coal seam gas industry, are in imminent danger of having their livelihood and way of life destroyed (in other words, fracked). But that’s not all, fracking has the potential to cause many more serious long term problems, with the loss of valuable water and fertile land for producing food.

Coal seam gas mining has a bad reputation for destroying communities and the environment, it is blamed for polluting the air, land and the water supply.

This is a very important issue that will affect everyone, even those who don’t live in the areas of interest to the CSG companies. Unfortunately the government and mining companies can smell the money, their blood is up, and they are focused on large profits!

We can’t afford to let them make arbitrary decisions, which could have such a drastic affect on all our futures.

There is abundant information on the internet about Coal Seam Gas mining; this space has been created to help collect, collate and manage the various sources of information.

If there is anything you would like to draw my attention to, please contact me

Written and performed by Todd Butler, Canadian satirist and musician.

Todd offers the song to everyone struggling to ensure coalbed methane development doesn’t happen in their backyards. Soon Todd will have this song, and a second one he’s working on now, posted to his own website

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3 Responses to Introduction- Fracking CSG

  1. sk says:

    this is happening to us in Queensland, Australia and the New South Wales, they are out of control, thanks for your song!!! It’s great!

  2. Shirley Forde says:

    Thanks for a great song. Fracking: it’s all about the money NOW and who cares about the future.

  3. Keep up the good work , working with you keep these bastards out of australia

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