The Cause is growing

No Fracking Way, the online action group reached the status of Tribe, by reaching 2,500 members
To reach the next status, of a League, we need 5,000 members
No Fracking Way
Help the cause
Our environment could be seriously compromised, as well as our drinking water if we don’t stand up and demand alternatives. We farm our land organically and ethically wild harvest medicines and foods from our woodlands and our land. We have identified over 20 species rare to our area. These plants health and vigor prove that this region is a special and delicate bio sphere of life and needs to be preserved for us all to cherish. It shows us that this is untouched and intact bio system of unique life. Not to be compromised in any way.

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  1. Out of self-interest, if-I-may, with the buying of some rural land in Gippsland,Victoria in mind,
    Q1; – is there an Australian online LIST of “Anti-fracking Groups” I can refer to, to find..,
    Q2; – if fracking, or the resources it extracts, is planned or mapped or being explored-for, or even being thought about by shire councils, etc., in the Victorian Alps region, and
    Q3; – if an Anti-fracking Group is already established in Gippsland, to whom I might go, to find the answers?

    Short of being able to answer, can anyone tell me if fracking is being considered for the Omeo Alpine region, please?



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